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Bespoke capacity building experience

We support capacity building on data privacy, GDPR and related legislation to help companies reduce their dependence and reliance on external resources. We work hand in hand with our clients to eliminate regulatory risk in cases where there is heavy processing of personal data, and to demonstrate to the regulatory body that the company has undertaken preventive organizational measures.

With more than 100 trainings tailored to the client’s specific needs, Data Owl supplies companies with the necessary tools that they need to achieve sustainable management and independence. Once the need is identified, we offer diverse training options, for example:

  • executive team – high level overview of the legislation and the regulatory requirements,
  • Data Protection Officers – technical, focused training on specific topics or general trainings to strengthen and deepen their expertise,
  • parallel application of AML and GDPR,
  • parallel application of legislation under the Directive on security network and information systems and GDPR.
“The guidelines which I received helped me structure a practical day-to-day action-plan to support my compliance role the company.
The training really improved the data protection processes and my role in them.”

Gap analyses

Gap аnalyses

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In-house developed and proven methodology

We use specific approach for assessment of the respective business, contract, function, or separate technical measures against regulatory requirements. The methodology adopted by Data Owl allows the company to assist any business/industry. It is tested and proven in practice where we have covered companies of various size in more than 20 industries. The deliverable is a gap/needs report which is then used to eliminate or mitigate regulatory or transactional risks, as well as for triggering of financial sanctions under contracts with vendors. We will perform assessment of your need to appoint a DPO and can also undertake Partner GDPR Audits and Subject Access Requests/Complaints Handling. In case it is established that your business is not subjected to the regulations, you will be issued a competent legal opinion about this so that you are covered in case of claims or receive partner/client/audit inquiries.

Gap analysis and needs assessment is particularly useful for existing and expanding businesses which are subjected to regulatory compliance. Outsourcing this important process to Data Owl gives you the comfort of tasking an external professional with focused expertise who undertakes to perform the scope and deliver within a specific time frame.

“Thanks to the competent assistance, we have managed to smoothly implement our GDPR procedures, strictly following the preliminary agreed time-frames, so that all our business processes have become GDPR compliant, without interfering with our daily operations in any way.”

Outsourced EU representation

Outsourced EU representation

Based on your needs, we will tailor our offer. Contact one of our experts.

Two flexible options

Data controllers and data processors which are domiciled outside of EU but are offering goods or services to (or monitoring the behaviour of) data subjects in the EU must appoint an EU representative.

Data Owl offers Outsourced EU representation where we act as a local contact for data subjects and the respective regulator in relation to all issues arising from the processing of personal data. This includes a guaranteed number of hours per month dedicated to:

  • Maintenance of a record of the processing activities,
  • Communication with the supervisory bodies,
  • Facilitation of the communication between the client and the data subject.

In case of exceptional volume of communication, you will be upgraded to Outsourced EU representation Pro where the service package includes higher number of guaranteed hours dedicated to communications.

Outsourced DPO

Outsourced DPO​

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We will take care of your needs

Need to strengthen the capacity of your privacy team? Must appoint a Data Protection Officer, but not sure if your business requires full-time employee? Feel that you do not yet have the required competences to exert control over their performance, yet your company should meet legislative requirements related to data protection?

We can help your business and perform outstanding service as your Outsourced DPO.

Our Outsourced DPO package covers:

  • Legislative and regulatory updates in result of the guidelines issued by the European Data Protection Board, binding decision of the European Court of Justice on the mandatory interpretation of EU law (e.g. Schrems II),
  • Updates and amendments in internal policies and procedures,
  • Standard communication with the respective regulator on data protection,
  • Assistance in the cases of personal data breach,
  • Management and implementation of procedures under impacts assessment reports on personal data protection,
  • Professional guidance to assess how your legitimate interests balance against data subjects’ rights which may be needed to ensure your peace of mind about the lawfulness of the data processing operations that you have adopted,
  • Supervision of vendors who are data processors – create and maintain data registers and records.

Under the Outsourced DPO Pro, we offer all the above, plus:

  • Guaranteed package of hours dedicated to replies to access requests by data subjects, communication with the supervisory bodies, and vendors.