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Personal data – what is it and why is it important?

If it can be traced back to one individual, it is personal data.

Data can be categorized as personal for one entity and not for another, depending on how much that entity already knows about the same individual. The more the entity knows, the wider spectrum of otherwise random information may serve to identify that individual; and vice versa.

So, there must be adequate legislative framework to protect the individuals and to provide guidelines to the entities who control or process such personal information. In the age of ubiquitous automation, data mining and micro-targeting of individuals by potent algorithms, the existence of rules for responsible and fair processing by the interested actors is a must. Whether it is the California Consumer Privacy Act, the GDPR or the Personal Data Protection Act of North Macedonia, these new generation laws are all human-centric.

To abide by them, you mostly need to apply standard information security protocols, common sense, and ethics. Sometimes the issues arise from misconceptions or poor business practices which need reassessment. When there are competing interests or regulations, the navigation of data protection laws can be trickier. On these occasions, can tap into our extensive practical experience, tested solutions, and good industry practice to help find a solution.

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