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beam (an abbreviation of Bulgarian Enterprise Accelerator Market) is a SMEs growth market, part of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE). Local and foreign companies can raise funds to finance their business projects.

The participation on the beam market is subject to special regime and with the support of a beam market advisor who assist in the admission process and the subsequent activities on this market. Data Owl is one of the advisors approved by BSE.

There are two main ways for companies to benefit from this market:

  • Issue of financial instruments (usually – stocks). Thus, the companies can attract new investors and raise money.
  • Issue of debt (bonds). In these cases, the companies must eventually pay the raised money, and to offer an interest on the borrowed money.

beam growth market allows companies to raise up to €3 million without any particular administrative hustle or financial burden, with a relatively simple reporting obligations. Another benefit for the companies participating on the beam market is that they can afterwards relatively easy transfer to the regulated market of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. For the shareholders of the companies that participate in the beam market, this is an opportunity to get a fair market appraisal of their companies as well as a valid market option to have a tax-free sale/exit option.

We are available to consult companies about the opportunities that the beam market gives, and to explain the procedures, the timeline, and the costs related to the preparation and the realization of their business projects via beam.

More information about the beam market can be found here, and to book us for a consultation, just drop us a line.