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Bespoke capacity building experience

We support capacity building on data privacy, GDPR and related legislation to help companies reduce their dependence and reliance on external resources. We work hand in hand with our clients to eliminate regulatory risk in cases where there is heavy processing of personal data, and to demonstrate to the regulatory body that the company has undertaken preventive organizational measures.

With more than 100 trainings tailored to the client’s specific needs, Data Owl supplies companies with the necessary tools that they need to achieve sustainable management and independence. Once the need is identified, we offer diverse training options, for example:

  • executive team – high level overview of the legislation and the regulatory requirements,
  • Data Protection Officers – technical, focused training on specific topics or general trainings to strengthen and deepen their expertise,
  • parallel application of AML and GDPR,
  • parallel application of legislation under the Directive on security network and information systems and GDPR.
“The guidelines which I received helped me structure a practical day-to-day action-plan to support my compliance role the company.
The training really improved the data protection processes and my role in them.”