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Gap аnalyses

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In-house developed and proven methodology

We use specific approach for assessment of the respective business, contract, function, or separate technical measures against regulatory requirements. The methodology adopted by Data Owl allows the company to assist any business/industry. It is tested and proven in practice where we have covered companies of various size in more than 20 industries. The deliverable is a gap/needs report which is then used to eliminate or mitigate regulatory or transactional risks, as well as for triggering of financial sanctions under contracts with vendors. We will perform assessment of your need to appoint a DPO and can also undertake Partner GDPR Audits and Subject Access Requests/Complaints Handling. In case it is established that your business is not subjected to the regulations, you will be issued a competent legal opinion about this so that you are covered in case of claims or receive partner/client/audit inquiries.

Gap analysis and needs assessment is particularly useful for existing and expanding businesses which are subjected to regulatory compliance. Outsourcing this important process to Data Owl gives you the comfort of tasking an external professional with focused expertise who undertakes to perform the scope and deliver within a specific time frame.

“Thanks to the competent assistance, we have managed to smoothly implement our GDPR procedures, strictly following the preliminary agreed time-frames, so that all our business processes have become GDPR compliant, without interfering with our daily operations in any way.”