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Outsourced DPO​

Contact us to receive our exclusive Outsourced DPO or Outsourced DPO Pro offer.

We will take care of your needs

Need to strengthen the capacity of your privacy team? Must appoint a Data Protection Officer, but not sure if your business requires full-time employee? Feel that you do not yet have the required competences to exert control over their performance, yet your company should meet legislative requirements related to data protection?

We can help your business and perform outstanding service as your Outsourced DPO.

Our Outsourced DPO package covers:

  • Legislative and regulatory updates in result of the guidelines issued by the European Data Protection Board, binding decision of the European Court of Justice on the mandatory interpretation of EU law (e.g. Schrems II),
  • Updates and amendments in internal policies and procedures,
  • Standard communication with the respective regulator on data protection,
  • Assistance in the cases of personal data breach,
  • Management and implementation of procedures under impacts assessment reports on personal data protection,
  • Professional guidance to assess how your legitimate interests balance against data subjects’ rights which may be needed to ensure your peace of mind about the lawfulness of the data processing operations that you have adopted,
  • Supervision of vendors who are data processors – create and maintain data registers and records.

Under the Outsourced DPO Pro, we offer all the above, plus:

  • Guaranteed package of hours dedicated to replies to access requests by data subjects, communication with the supervisory bodies, and vendors.