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We take care of data protection

If you are here, then you already know at least something, or you need to know something more about personal data and data protection.

Personal data is not property, yet it is inherent to the individual they relate to. If it can be traced back to that individual, it is personal data. And when it comes to data and data privacy, every individual has fundamental rights that ought to be adhered to. But then again, depending on who’s looking at the same data, it may or may not be considered personal data. Confused? Probably. Yet, you may be subjected to some rules and regulations.

Regulatory compliance can be overwhelming. So, when you must assess whether you are compliant or you must streamline your processes to comply with information privacy requirements, or perform regulatory reporting, it may be frightening.

Relax. That’s where we come in.

Data Owl will tell you what it means to be compliant, how your business can benefit from it, and what the downside is, if you fail.

Our Services

How you can benefit

We serve over 20 industries and can cover the needs of large, medium and small businesses to comply with data protection regulations.
Not sure if you need to comply with any regulation? We can also help with that.

We support capacity building on data privacy, GDPR and related legislation to help companies reduce their dependence and reliance on external resources. We can train your Data Protection Officer or your compliance team. Our programs can be tailored to your specific needs.

Tested and proven in practice in-house methodology. The deliverable is a gap/needs report which is then used to eliminate or mitigate regulatory or transactional risks.

We can help your business and perform outstanding service as your Outsourced DPO and help you remain compliant while working on a fixed budget. Once your business has reached a point where you need your own DPO, we can help you train them.

We will act as a local contact for data subjects and the respective regulator in relation to all issues arising from the processing of personal data. This includes a guaranteed number of hours per month of outstanding service.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

One of our dedicated data protection experts is ready to listen to you and to help your business.


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